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Hay Communications is an independent Telecommunications service provider located in Southwestern Ontario that provides phone service to the communities of Grand Bend, Zurich, Dashwood and the surrounding rural and lakeshore residents. Hay also provides services to people and businesses outside of our territory facilities permit.

We are governed by a Board of Directors made up of five members. Each year we hold an annual meeting to inform our members of changes and activities in the company. In 2016 Hay employed 31 full-time  staff members. Hay is involved with co-op student placements, bringing in technicians and installers. Hay also regularly employs co-op and summer students from our communities.

We Are a Co-operative.

This means we were created to fill a need within our community. We strive daily to meet the needs of our members and provide patronage credits to those members each year on phone service paid for in the previous year. In 2011, the patronage return credit will be 20% of local service spending. The credit is received each year in January.

Hay is rooted in this Community, from our municipally owned beginnings to our co-operative restructuring. We are very knowledgeable of our business environment, emerging economic and social requirements. Within our area we have fulfilled the need for quality telephone, internet and other telecommunication services. We continually invest in our community and consequently strive to encourage customer loyalty to maintain the quality of service made available.

By our very nature, Hay engages customers in the operations, while also being accountable for decisions to our members. Over many changes and years of growth, this co-operative has become a natural resource of the communities we serve. Supporting us just makes sense.

Becoming a Member

When you choose residential or business phone or internet service in a 236, 237 or 238 calling area, you are eligible to become a Co-operative member. These numbers represent the territory where Hay Communications is the incumbent telco, meaning our business started here. You will be asked if you would like to become a member when the customer service rep. takes your information. The cost is $1 to join. This can benefit you each year as we give patronage credits on telephone service our members.

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Patronage is a way for Hay Communications to give back to the membership in reward for supporting our telephone services. At the beginning of each calendar year the current Board of Directors considers the profits etc for the company over the past year as well as the overall condition of the company. They will then determine the "patronage" rate in a percentage which will be paid back to each member for the upcoming year. Each January the patronage is calculated and has typically amounted to one month of service. For more details on how patronage is calculated go to the "My Account" page.


100 Years of Service - We've Been Here for a 100 Years, We Can Help!

In 2011, Hay Communications celebrated 100 years of service. There were events, draws and give-aways during the year. We also created a history book to commemorate this great accomplishment. The book was written by Pat & Max Morden. It contains many wonderful images and facts from our archives. These collector books were given away complementary to customers. You are welcome to call and see if there are still copies available.



2012 - Staff and Board of Hay Communications

Front Kneeling: John Vander Burgt - Director, Paul Klopp - Director, Lou Schilbe - Director, Jim Hoffman - Director. Front Standing: Justin Groot, Rick Fisher, Marty Merner, Kevin Gingerich, Kelli Phillips, Val Gingerich, Ken Clarke, Chad Ramer, Kraig Gingerich, Jill Kipfer. Middle Row: Don Oesch - Director (retired), Keith Semple, Jesse Gingerich, Rob Rau, Bob Hendrick, Terry Zehr, Angela Lawrence, Judy McKinnon, Joe Hendriks. Back Row: Matt Janmaat, Erich Freiter, Brian DePaepe, Dan Drennan


Board of Directors

Jim Collez - email

Mark Tucker - email

Staff Representatives
Jim Hoffman - email Paul Klopp - email Angela Lawrence, General Manager - email
 Don Beauchamp - email   Kevin Gingerich, Plant Manager - email



Annual Scholarships

Four Winning Students EACH Receive $1500 based on submitted applications!

Since 2007, Hay has been recognizing outstanding youth in our communities. To demonstrate dedication and commitment to education and to rural youth, Hay offers scholarships to students who are currently enrolled full time at College, University or a Vocational Institute of higher learning.

The determination of the winning applicants is based on community involvement, extra-curricular school involvement, academic achievement and general quality of the application.

A call for applications goes out in September each year, usually in the monthly newsletter, on the website and in the local newspaper. Applications are available on the website and at the business office at that time.

Hard copy submissions are due by the end of October.


  • You must be enrolled in a Canadian post secondary institution full time program for your 2nd year or higher.
  • You can not have won the award previously.
  • You or your parents (or legal guardian) must have internet or phone service with us.
  • You must submit a completed hard copy application to us by the pre-determined deadline accompanied by supporting documentation.
  • You must agree to allow Hay Communications to publicize your name and photo in the event you are chosen as a recipient of a scholarship.

Winners are determined by independent ranking of a committee using blind copies of the applications.

Full Scholarship Requirements and process are listed on the application form